Saturday, August 23, 2008

Poop in my ears

Another one of Eli's funny sayings!!! Eli was getting into the Q-tips the other day and said, "Mom, I really need one of these!" When I asked him why he simply told me, "to clean the poop out of my ears." I could hardly contain myself and said, "really?" So under my supervision he gently began to clean out his ears and then with a big smile on his face he yelled out, "See Mom, look at all that poop, disgusting!!!"

Paulson Family Reunion

We had a blast camping in Heber with the Paulson Family. Eli is still begging to "go camping in the hills." Some of the highlights included; The snore cabin (Karl got a nice taste of his own medicine), hikes with the sisters, the game playing, making four packs of bacon with Dave the Whopper, scavenger hunt, looking for golden rocks, the family skits, Ashlynn wearing grandma's wig, boating on the lake, and all the "remember when's!" My very most favorite moment of camp, besides the beauty of the mountains, was when Shauna swore and then slapped Karl across the face. GOOD TIMES!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a Night!

We went to a Bee's game and saw some good Bee's hitting, including a 4 run home run. Towards the end of the game Eli was saying "Jesus Christ Amen." I was looking around to find someone in the "prayer" position (arms folded, head bowed) but I did not find anyone fitting that description. Eli kept repeating this statement over and over while looking in one direction. Then I realized that Eli thought that the man at the end of our row resembled the pictures he has seen of Jesus. This man had a really full, long beard and really long hair. Too cute. Then while walking to our car we walked past the fire station and a nice fire man asked Eli if he wanted to get in the fire truck. Of coarse he didn't turn up that opportunity. The fireman even let Eli (with Karl's help) turn on the lights. I think Karl enjoyed this more than Eli did. Eli finished his fire station visit by singing to all the fire fighters a little "take me out to the ball game." What a night! Eli went to a baseball game, saw Jesus and got to turn on the fire truck lights, all in the same night!!! Lucky dog!!!


Happy 93rd Birthday, Grandma!!!! Grandma Gay was gracious enough to let Eli blow out her candles.

Summer, Summer TIme!!!!

This summer we have had a blast swimming and eating snacks with our neighborhood friends.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Here you see the Paulson boys watching the Olympics in style. With their make shift bed (that Eli makes every day in the laundry baskets) and eating their otter pops.

Get Down Eli

The best part of going to the Lindon Days parade.....watching Eli!!! And Andrea's dance in the background is pretty good too!!!!

Eli's frst Fire Engine Sitting!!!

Eli saw the fire fighters washing their truck, getting it ready for Lindon Days, and became very excited. I walked him over to the fire station and the nice fire fighters offered to let Eli get in the truck. Eli thought that was very cool....and scary. That's why Karl made it in the pictures.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Goooooo Cougars!!!!!!!!!

Rise & Shout

I just uploaded the pics from this year's BYU Football Clinic. Several of my cousins and in-laws came to "RISE AND SHOUT" and run some drills will the Cougs. It was really cool to hear from the players and coaches and take in the "tradition, spirit, and honor" of this program. I like going to this camp because it gets me really excited for the upcoming season and I also gain a whole new respect for these players and coaches. What I took away from the camp, aside from my huge muscles I have now, I gained the realization how my parenting will effect Eli's future and potential. That is a really scary thought!Harvey Unga, AKA Karl's favorite player.

Dennis Pita, "TIGHT END!"

Max Hall, Nice arm!!!!