Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rain Chain at Work

When we redid our gutters the contractor wanted to put a downspout down the side of our porch. This option would have been too tempting for out little monkey so we found this alternative. It is really fun to watch when it rains.

Halloween Fun

Here is Eli with Aunt Danni and Peanut at Nana's work party.
Eli playing in the leaves with his cousins.
Eli and his cousins posing for a pick at the fun Halloween party at Aunt Trisha's. So much fun!!!
Eli with Grandma. He was a little scared of her weird mask!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

#1 Hit

After reading my cousin's blog and looking for something to do at 1:42 am on Halloween night I followed suit and checked out this web site: www.joshhosler.biz/numberoneinhistory/selectmonth.htm to find out what the #1 hit was around my birthday. As the website popped up a picture of Lionel Richie surfaced at the top which reminded me of a recurrent nightmare I had that haunted my childhood. I seriously would wake up in night sweats from this horrible dream of my mom divorcing my Dad for Lionel Richie. Funny now....horrible at age five. A Lionel Richie song would come on the radio and my mom would just praise him and say how much she loved him. This transpired into me thinking she really "loved" Lionel Richie. This was seriously an issue with me for a long time. While we were dating, I found a Lionel Richie CD in Karl's collection (oh man he is going to be mad that made the blog) and I contemplated dumping him. That's when I knew this nightmare caused some stupid warped Lionel Richie aversion deep down inside. =) So the cure: I listened to his greatest hit CD a million times over and realized why my mom loved him so much. Come on: "Dance'n on the Ceiling, Endless Love, Say You, Say Me," and my personal favorite; "All Night Long...All Night!!!!" Good Memories!

My #1 hit: "Night Fever" - Bee Gees (ohhhhhh yeah!!!)
Karl's: "I wish" - Stevie Wonder
Eli's: "SOS" - Rihanna