Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eli Funnies

It seems like not a day goes by that Eli says something that cracks me up. For example; the other morning Karl was getting ready to take Eli to the baby sitters because we were both off to work. Eli was running on minimal sleep so he was having a hard morning. He had expressed that he did not want to go to Cindy's (the baby sitter) but to stay home with me. After several times of me trying to explain and reason with this two-year-old he started to cry (tears and everything). He then grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes and said "Mommy can't we just talk about it." Too cute!

Then the other story that had me rolling is actually a little embarrassing but I need to document it. Eli has recently been potty trained WOOW HOOOOH!!!! He had a really hard time to actually poop on the toilet and acted scared anytime we would try to get him to do this. So I had a nice long talk with him about being brave, it will be ok, mommy's right here, etc. Now for the embarrassing part. This pregnancy has done some wonders to the ole bowels and things seem to be moving a little slower if not at all (TMI yet)? Well I just happened to be stationed on the toilet and for quit some time when Eli came in and sat by me and gave me the same bravery/support talk. It was really cute! If bravery was all I needed things would be so much easier! I am really brave!

He has also mentioned to me that when he lived with Heavenly Father, he would give him treats.....I am not going to compete with that guy!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Christmas is much more fun with kids around!!! Eli wanted me to help him open each gift. At one point he went to the window in search for santa and he couldn't believe that santa would come down the chimney.

Johnson Christmas Party

Eli loved singing Jingle Bells and seeing santa!!!! I enjoyed the "real" mac'n'cheese!!!!

Hermosillo, Mexico

Here a few pictures from our trip to Mexico. The highlights were the baptism, visiting the temple, the Nacho Liebre masks, and smashing Karl's face in the cake!!!! CJ had tried all day to get us to eat cake with him, he really wanted to slam our faces in it. My brother and I were explaining this to Karl and I guess he didn't get it because when when asked him to look at the small specks in the cake and tell us if he thought they were chocolate, he put his face right next to the cake. Chris and I couldn't resist and BAM.....face in the cake!!!

Play time!

Eli and Penelope originally had the appropriate sized jersey on but really wanted to trade. I thought the boots were a really nice touch!

mmmmmmm Dessert

Eli at a wedding reception. He was very interested in the many dessert options.....also a bit excited about them too!!!!

Field Trip

Once again we visited the firestation but this time we were able to get in the trucks and try on the gear. I didn't think about it but in a child's eye, firemen are very scarey all dressed up in their big yellow suits. It was good to expose Eli to them like this so he wouldn't be too scared of them in an emergency.


Karl and I rarely get away just the two of us so the BYU games made for some fun afternoons. I really enjoyed to insightful conversations I had with him while he wore his good looking head phones!