Friday, September 26, 2008

Hide'n Seek & Chicken Meat?

I was lucky to spend most of the day with Eli today and let me tell you....pure entertainment!!!! He loves to play "Hide'n Seek" now but he likes to tell you where to hide. If you are taking too long to seek he will yell out his exact location "Mommy, I'm in your closet!" My favorite part of the game is when I hide and he does the seeking. I love to listen to him count. Sometimes he makes it all the way to ten but most of the time he gets excited around six. Then he yells out, "ready not, here I come!!!!" and what a smile he has on his face when he finds you.

Later in the afternoon (after our 3 hour snuggle together) Eli decides he wants to toss the pig skin around. Eli has entered the world of pretend. Most of the time he has me drink his pretend milk out of a pretend glass or toss pretend bird seed (that is obviously tucked in my pant's pocket) to the pretend birds but I am at a loss with the latest. We got ready to play catch when, Eli tells me where to stand and then says to me, "Mom. I the chicken and you the meat!!!" I thought that maybe I didn't hear him correctly so I repeated his request back to him and he answered in the affirmative. Not quite sure how to pretend that I am meat but I did my best. =)......If anyone knows what he is talking about please fill me in. Freak I love this kid!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shake Your What?

So mommy loves to dance, and mommy loves to sing "shake your bootie" while she dances. Apparently, Eli thought he heard "shake your boobies," because he now sings these words to the same tune while dancing around and shaking his chest. Oh help me!!!!! His other favorite song to sing around the house is "Business Time" by Flight of the Conchords. You-Tube it and you will see just how funny it is.

BYU Cougars

Here is a picture of Eli taken shortly after BYU pummeled the Wyoming Cowboys! Any time he sees football on TV, at his cousin Dereck's high school games, etc. He extends his arm like this and yells out Yeah!!!!! BYU Cougars!!!!!

Utah State Fair

Here are some pics of Eli, Peanut, and Ruby enjoying the animals and pumpkins at the fair. If you can't tell Eli was really mellow, half way through the day I realized He was sick =(

This is the cutest picture of P and E (that's what they call each other).

Too cute! Apples of my eye!

Lactation Station

While at the fair it was really cool to see these little baby pigs promoting breastfeeding in public. Many spectators stopped to see these pigs suckling on the momma pig and I wanted to shout out.... "SEE BREASTFEEDING IS NATURAL!" Yes I am a freak for lactation!!!!

Grayce Jean's Birthday

Eli had a blast at Grayce Jean's 4th Birthday party. Grayce Jean is one of Eli's good friends and she use to go to the same daycare as Eli. Every day when I would pick him up from daycare he would tell me how much he "really really likes Grayce Jean." If Eli like you he calls you by two names not just your first name =)