Friday, December 5, 2008

Eli's Introduction to Smoking

We are here in Mexico visiting my brother. I forgot my USB cord for the camera so I will post pics later but I can't help post this funny story. We went to a baseball game last night with DeeDee and CJ. Eli was fasinated by everything. I was facinated by the silly treats and Karl enjoyed the short skirted Mexican Dancers. There was also this older gentelman who would stand up and do a little dance routine with several different audience members that really had us "cracked up!" Eli kept walking over to some men next to us and just staring. I was embarassed. Later I noticed these men taking pictures of Eli and his stares. Then I noticed that these men were smoking. Eli was in awe!!!! He was trying his hardest to smell the smoke. He was even grabbing smoke from the air and bringing it close to his face (buttercupping himself). Thank goodness it was just cigarettes!!!!

Just a note: I bought a big thing of sugared pecans for $3, DeeDee ate a churro field with vanilla cream for a buck, CJ got a huge bag of these wierd chips smothered with sweet hot sauce for $2, a few bowls of hot dogs cut up covered with sweet ketchup, mustard, lime and hot sauce and sodas from glass bottles all for a dollar. It is really fun, I just wish I was not in my first nauseated trimester so I could be a little more brave!!!